Copy Text from Secured PDF File

Copy Text from Secured PDF at ease

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Copy Text from Secured PDF

Use Unrestrict PDF program to copy text from secured PDF file to copy text from restricted PDF.

PDF format has gain popularity in last few years, this format is used by e-books, official documents, manuals, online receipts. This file format is used for storing valuable information and sometimes users also have the requirement to use others PDF file content. For copying text from a PDF file to place it in another application you could use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To copy the text from PDF file follow the instructions below:

  1. Open PDF file.
  2. Click on Text tool (the T tool) to select the file.
  3. Click in the document & select the text you would like to copy.
  4. Choose Copy from Edit menu or you can also right click the selected text and choose Copy option.
  5. Switch to the program you would like to copy your text to & choose Paste from the Edit menu.

Copy Text from Secured PDFCannot copy text from PDF ?


Not getting option to Copy
after right clicking the text ?

Then your PDF documents are restricted or secured using Owner Password, to secure PDF file from being copied, printed, edited. At this situation you will need a professional utility to remove all the securities and to copy text from secured PDF file.

Unrestrict PDF tool is the professional utility that enable users to copy content from secured PDF file in quick steps. Program allow users to remove all the restrictions like: copy, edit, print. Now users can easily copy the text from the secure PDF file in just 5 seconds. Software has simplified the process to copy text from secure PDF file and copy text from restricted PDF file freely. Know more about Unrestrict PDF program »

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